Post-School Outcomes Survey

Your voice is important! Youth can provide valuable information about how things are going within the year of exiting high school. Your stories are important to schools and to the agencies that help young adults in the first years after high school.

How does PaPOS work?

Once, over a five-year cycle, each school district and charter school in Pennsylvania is required to survey all student leavers who have IEPs (graduates, dropouts and students that reached maximum age). The Pennsylvania Post School Outcome Survey (PaPOS) is used to gather these data. The random sampling process used to assign each district and charter school to one of the five years of the cycle ensures that the sites selected each year are representative of the Commonwealth as a whole. These data will be used to help schools and youth serving agencies improve their secondary transition programming, moving forward.

How will you know if you will be interviewed?

If you are a youth with an IEP exiting high school the year in which your school needs to administer the PaPOS, someone from your school will meet with you and ask you to take the survey. This person from your school will ask you the questions on the survey and will record your answers. The survey used for youth exiting high school is called the Exit Survey.

If you take the PaPOS in high school, is there anything else you have to do?

Yes, one year later, a person from your high school will attempt to reach you to administer one more survey. This person from the school you exited will ask you questions on the survey and will record your answers. The survey used for youth one year after having exited high school is called the Post-School Survey.

Are these PaPOS surveys important?

Yes, both surveys are important. The surveys help schools and agencies understand how successful youth are in meeting their post-school goals. The data from the surveys can help schools and agencies improve their work.

To learn more about why PaPOS is important, take a moment and watch the following video:

Who should you contact if you have questions about PaPOS?

If you have any questions about PaPOS, please contact your school. Talk with your special education teachers, transition coordinator, administrators, or special education director about your questions. These school-based people can help you understand more about PaPOS and whether you will be participating in the survey.