Transition Discoveries Guide

The Transition Discoveries Guide was developed by The Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network, The George Washington University, and Temple University and funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.
The Guide is available to youth, families, and transition stakeholders to create pathways to success for transition youth.
Each Guide Section contains related definitions, characteristics, outcomes, and meaningful stories.
The Guide includes the following 9 indicators and 55 sub-indicators in English and Spanish:

Transition Discoveries Guide Cover Page

Transition Discoveries Guide Cover Page (See Also: Self Determination)

Transition Planning

TD - Transition Planning (See Also: Self Determination)
TD Planeación de Transición

Youth Development

TD Youth Development (See Also: Self Determination)
TD Desarrollo de la Juventud

Person/Family Directed

TD Person/Family Directed (See Also: Self Determination)
TD Planeación Dirigida a la

Family Engagement

TD Family Engagment (See Also: Self Determination)
TD Participación de la Familia


TD Relationships (See Also: Self Determination)
TD Relaciones

Independent Living

TD Independent Living (See Also: Self DeterminationCommunity Living)
TD Vida Independiente y Participación en la Comunidad

Cross Agency Collaboration

TD Cross Agency Collaboration (See Also: AgenciesSelf Determination)
TD Colaboración Inter-agencias


TD Employment (See Also: EmploymentSelf Determination)
TD Empleo

Post-Secondary Education

TD Post-Secondary Education (See Also: Post Secondary EducationSelf Determination)
TD Educación Post Secundaria